Reviews of Let Go

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Reviews of Fenelon’s Let Go:

Stirring and Easy to Read

This stirring, easy-to-read book ought to be passed out in every English-speaking church in the world. The author, Francois de Salignac de La Mothe Fenelon, has written letters to people within the court of King Louis XIV on the practical matters of living out their faith in a secular world. Excerpts from those letters are translated in modern English for this book. The preface reads, “Consider turning to this book not primarily to expose your mind to idea, but rather to seek to enter into companionship with this friend of God.” That statement hints at the mystical quality of these letters. Fenelon urges us to live by faith through the empowering grace of Jesus Christ and to avoid loving knowledge to the extent that we may know more truth than we live. One letter is titled, “Our Knowledge Stands in the Way of Our Becoming Wise,” and in another letter, he writes, “We are in danger of evaluating our spiritual maturity on the basis of the amount of knowledge we have acquired.” That hits hard for someone who is more inclined to learn rather than to act. Fenelon says that the Lord is the God of truth and love, and we must act in love on the truth we know.

But there’s more in the book than this. Other titles include, “Advantages of Humility,” “Death of Self,” “The Sight of Our Imperfections Should Not Take Away Our Peace,” “True Friendships Are Founded Only in God,” and “Beware the Pride of Reasoning.” Don’t pass up meditating on this inspirational book.  PW

Speaks Directly to the Heart

This loose translation of Fenelon’s letters to friends speaks directly to the heart. Fenelon’s approach is “right attitudes will lead to correct thinking” instead of the more common approach of “right thinking will lead to correct attitudes.” Even the chapter titles will cause the remotely sensitive heart to reflect on its attitude towards other people and circumstances. My family is on its second generation of Fenelon writings and both generations have found Let Go to be an all time favorite.

A Serious Book for the Serious Christian

My mother found an old copy of the letters of Fenelon in a used book shop and paid a premium for them; little knowing that a inexpensive reprint was published for pennies! Next to the Scriptures and my childhood favorite, Pilgrim’s Progress, this book has had more of a positive effect on my Christian life and personal walk with the Lord than scores of other Christian books and devotionals. I would even rate it above My Utmost for His Highest by Oswald Chambers. It is a serious book for the serious Christian desiring to walk in the Holy Spirit, yet translated to an easy-to-read format like the New Testament epistles (letters). Very practical advice for everyday Christian living and sanctification. We have purchased scores of copies and given them out for any and every purpose imaginable -Birthdays, Christmas, Easter, Thank yous, Graduation, Hospitality, Sympathy, etc.


This is not a book that you read once and put on your shelf. It’s one you go back to time and time again. Fenelon’s writings are timeless. They apply as much today to one’s life as I am sure they did many years ago. I have found much comfort in this book, I am sure you will too! TP

Let Go

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